Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Warning. There will be swearing below.

Motherfuckinggod I have a hell of a lot of editing to do & 2 interviews to transcribe and then write about.

Not to mention, I started my new job on Monday.

One of my former employees jumped up & down when she discovered I would be her new boss, the other one's mood has vastly improved apparently. And the people I don't know seem really pleased. It's a really good thing :)

But the mess left by the guy they canned on Monday is something else, and I'm very overwhelmed by what's going on. But it's ok, I'll figure it all out, I know I will! The employees in general will keep me going, their smiles say it all, because there were none before!


So in the past 5 days I've interviewed 2 bands & photographed 8. Done editing for 2, working on editing for 3, editing for others "manana baby".

I am insane.

But then that's it until Brad Paisley. Please keep your fingies crossed that Brad's people are progressive enough to allow web photographers. Puhleeeze, I want this so bad I can frigging taste it. I'm a total country music bumpkin, and Brad Paisley is king of my country world. Shooting him would be phenomenal.

Back to editing. I love you all, but trying to write comments...well they come out dumb. And then I feel dumb. And well....when I'm less tired k?

PS - I totally finished the house and the locks are changed and that's done. Took me til 2 am Monday night and I had 4 hours sleep before my 2nd day at the new job, but it's done. New life, feel free to begin now.

PPS - the guy checks in with me daily, haven't seen him again yet, but shortly he tells me. He should stop working so much!


Technodoll said...

You. Are. Insane. :-D

But at least you're living life fiercely, which is more than most can claim!

I'm amazed at the progress you've made on shedding your old life so quickly. Holy cow.

Your new life sounds hectic but HAPPY!! :-D

myself said...

Engh it's some of the same old same old.