Saturday, November 20, 2010


So. In 2 weeks I'm moving.

Sale of this place is almost complete. Packing sitch is NOT in any way shape or form anywhere near done. Holy good lord.

I am bittersweet about this. This house meant so much when my ex & I bought it, there was so much hope & promise, new beginnings et al. It's all coming back to me as I pack up my belongings.

But then again, this house also saw the demise of my marriage, housed 2 very unhappy people who were married but so separate, and then 2 people who were separated & living on different floors, and then housed just me. Single me that wasn't able to take care of this house, which, due to neglect during the marriage, when my husband was out of work all the time, or just plain not helping at all, started to fall apart. It ate all my money. I have nothing left. And I have to sell for way below what the house should be valued at, and while I'll clear my mortgage and some expenses, not much will be shown for this house he & I paid CAD 95000.00 for. After all is said and done, it wasn't much of an investment.

I am so looking forward to renting again. Something breaks, it's someone else's problem. I have my rent, my electricity, my internet, my phone, and nothing else to pay.

I'm renting a townhouse. I'm enclosing photos, these are my actual townhouse.

I used to live there, with my ex husband, before we bought the house. I looked at 2, one was the spitting image of the one we had before, this one is a titch smaller, but very updated and doesn't look the same. I fell in love, and so, it's mine.

The staff remember me, amazingly, it was almost 20 years ago, because they remember good tenants, and I'm very happy and relieved.

I'll try to blog, but I'm so behind on everything...if you don't hear from me, it's all good....

Change is good. The relief I'm going to feel is palpable.


Technodoll said...

And I am soooo relieved for you - finally!!! One giant step towards shedding the oppressive past...

Good on you, girl - the new place looks amazing!

Packing is cathartic - enjoy the process because it's an important one :-)

myself said...

Sigh. I can't wait. If I can just get over this whole purge/packing thing, it'll be good. I find myself doing the easy stuff like cds/dvds and ignoring the hard stuff like my spare room upstairs which is full of all sorts...but I'll get 'er done eventually!

Adventures In China said...

Hey, congrats on your new place! It looks really nice. Good karma for you!