Friday, November 5, 2010

and so it continues

The pairing up. Holidays are coming. People are finding a significant other to spend it with.

In my social group, I will soon be the only single person.

Which I guess means I'll have tonnes of time to devote to finding a job overseas.

I'm overjoyed at the prospect.

I can't wait to move. I couldn't get a date here if I tried, in England, for reasons unknown to me (maybe that women look way old before their time over there?), I get hit on constantly.

I have no value here in Montreal. Well except to men I wouldn't date for all the $$ in the world. Sorry. I do have some taste, it may be odd, it may not be the norm, but it is there. And, after a marriage in which I wasn't remotely attracted to my spouse, I am not going there again, ever. He can be the nicest guy, if I'm not attracted to him, I'm not having anything to do with him.

Back to work. The thing I'm good at. Why blog about relationships when this is the one area in which I am a huge failure? It depresses me as is anyway.


Adventures In China said...

I'm single too, it's okay! There are a lot of us! Also, I'm awesome. I'd much rather be alone that someone I'm not attracted to, too. Yay for smart girls!

myself said...

I know I'm pretty damned awesome myself, just no one realizes it but me & my female &/or platonic male friends.

Oh well. I do like my own

But yes, I will NEVER compromise the alone for someone I'm not attracted to. I was young, and just thought that there was something wrong with me for not being attracted, only realized afterwards that wasn't the case. Live & learn!

Technodoll said...

Holidays are over-rated, it's just another date on the calendar - so who cares? Enjoying life is what matters whether you do it with someone else or not! besides you're not alone when you're surrounded by good friends :-)