Tuesday, March 16, 2010

status quo?

So, I’m feeling a bit better.

Off to Ontario today. The other grandmother is not long for the world. This one doesn’t upset me as much (and I feel completely terrible about that), and we knew this was coming – were prepared for it, she’s 60 lbs maybe due to the cancer, and we have absolutely no idea how she’s managed to make it this long since her diagnosis, seeing as she can’t eat, can’t breathe, and it’s in her brain as well as lungs/pancreas/stomach.

Ah cancer. You bitch.

I’ve stopped contacting the Brit completely. And he’s not contacting me, so I guess that’s that. All this precipitated by a fight with him during which I wasn’t very nice. But oh well. It’s not very nice to be hot & cold now, is it?


Someone told me I was beautiful the other day (yes a man, and one I know). I had to ask him if he had said that to the correct person, but it was nice to hear all the same. It’s something I hear…well…never. So I wasn’t sure he meant me 

Got invited to attend my friend’s dinner club tomorrow night. We’re doing Jamaican food and I can’t wait. Love love love, if my life isn’t making me happy, let me tell you, good, amazing, flavourful food does. Or cooking.

Kitchen. Still nothing. Argued with the adjuster the other day. Asking me why the contractor wants to redo my plumbing. Maybe it’s just me, but generally, when one rips out counters and then puts them back in, one needs to remove and redo the plumbing. But what the hell do I know? This woman. Seriously pisses me off. I really want to punch her in the face. If you saw her, and the look when my sweet cat rubbed against her leg…you’d want to as well, trust. Fucking French bitch (sorry francophones!).

Received a copy of my Grannie’s will in the mail the other day, which I expected. What I didn’t expect was the bawling that ensued after I saw her signature. Weird what can set you off. I need to have a big glass o’ crappy wine in celebration of that will.

England. No clue. One day at a time. I’m still saddled with this house. I’m still confused. I still don’t know whether I’m coming or going.

Photographed 2 artists of note in the past few days. Charlie Winston (and he's yummy to boot) and Milow (actually not too bad himself either!). A Brit and a Belgian...go Montreal you international city. They were both fantastic and neither had their cds for sale so I had to resort to some other means to get their music (see my halo?). I tried.

Um. Think that’s it for now. I need to get off this puter and get my arse in the car home, I need a nap for my 5 hours of driving tonight will bring. At least my sister is coming with me, otherwise, I really wouldn’t make it.

Soundtrack: Heart Of Stone - Rolling Stones & Just Another Day - Serena Ryder


d said...

For a month, I called my grandfather's answering machine just to hear his voice after he passed away. Little things still set me off and make me miss him, so I understand!

tonyadesigns@mac.com said...

ps, having a hard time typing this because i'm totally tweaked my left pinky finger in vball yesterday. Typing "A" hurt. :) so sorry about your grandma. i saved the last card my grandma ever sent me and her handwriting used to be immaculate, and in the last card you could see how weak she was. i eventually got rid of it. your memories are what you make of them. try to remember her in her best. i'm sure she would have wanted it that way.