Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ok 2 weeks in summary.

- complete and utter insanity at work

- lack of motivation

- fight for my f-ing insurance money

- still no house insurance (it's scary, tomorrow)

- money money money

- I met someone online and met him so I could get laid (god...what is wrong with me?), in my defense he's a very nice guy, I liked him very much as a person, and I think he's a cutie. It will go nowhere. Major life/age differences. And well, I'm a mess anyway.

- met a fantastic guy (he started to talk to me and I turned around to see if he was talking to the person behind me), naturally he has a girlfriend, who I know indirectly (oh Facebook you disappointment). made me feel good that this total hottie sought me out twice to flirt with me. But again. I'm a mess. So no biggie right?

- spoke to my father this weekend. May see him tomorrow, he's coming to pick up some paperwork for an aircraft. If he makes me cry at work, I'll kill him.

- Lots of photography. One of the few things holding me together. I photographed Johnny Rotten. Major for me.

- The house I loved is sold. I figured :( And there is nothing out there to buy. I'm afraid now.

- Feeling very down on me, and need to fucking stop it.

Back when I can do something other than bullet form.

EDIT: It took me 2 hours to type the above out. Gawd. You all wonder why I can't manage to put together a blog entry....


Anonymous said...

Sorry. :( Not sure what to say. I think you're so very hard on yourself. I don't know what can cure your loneliness. I don't get anyone flirting with me either. I haven't been asked out on a date in over a year, but I dunno, I guess maybe I haven't reached the loneliness point. Sigh...just not sure what to say...

myself said...

I'm always hard on myself.

Nothing can cure the loneliness, just got to keep keeping on I guess, do my thing, something's gotta give, or not, no idea.

Just learn from my stupidities if you get to the lonelies LOL. God I'm a dumbass sometimes...

Technodoll said...

OMG! you sold your house? Details, woman! When do you have to move out? Where are you moving to? ACK!

Nothing wrong with meeting people just for pleasure of company. As long as nobody gets hurt, right? And it's got to be fun, not a duty or a chore.

Plus, you never know what good things can happen along the way :0)